30 Foods Only Rich People Can Eat

Published on March 16, 2020

Wagyu Steak

If you thought filet mignon is the best steak in the world, then you haven’t tried the Japanese Wagyu steak that cost around $450 per pound. The cows in Japan are treated better than any others and get the most careful attention. From daily massages to prepared meals, these cows get the royal treatment every day. They are extremely well taken care and groomed regularly.

But the massages and hygiene are only the beginning of the expert treatment of these cows. Each cow is given sake and beer to help them produce a marble effect in their meat. The alcohol and pampering helps to explain the buttery smooth texture of the meat. It’s no wonder that the price for this steak is so expensive, when such care is taken to ensure these cows produce the highest quality of meat.