Celeb Cookbooks That You Should Try

Published on July 14, 2021

Famous cookbooks are a good invention and a useful way of doing business. We can get some new tasty recipes from them and see what our biggest heroes regularly eat. In this specific circumstance, it is a win-win for everyone, since the stars are lucky enough to try out a new genre and to share their favorite meals with us just as if we were close friends.

Reese Witherspoon's Southern Classics

Reese Witherspoon hasn't ever lost touch of her origins, despite the extent to which her star soared. The publishing of her first book, Whisky In A Teacup, was released in 2018. Reese's Filled Brie is a stellar stunner, easy for a home cook to prepare with a smart flavor. The fruit preserves are combined with a whole Brie-wheel, then filled with balsamic vinegar, pecans, and honey. It's fast, it looks great and tastes great.

The 12TB Method By Tom Brady

Although not a conventional cookbook technically, there are still recipes by a famous person here. Sports enthusiasts around the world were delighted to finally have a look at the famous diet and workout routine of the Patriots but were shocked to the extremes. He combines the anti-inflammatory and alkaline diets to create his unique food style –extreme for all the food experts. One of his recipes, according to CBS, in the bowl of Brady: "This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, but still combines a variety of delicious flavors and interesting textures." 

Food, Health, And Happiness By Oprah Winfrey

The empire of Oprah continues to grow.   Food, Health, and Happiness is the new cookbook of Oprah Winfrey and it contains not only a variety of good and delicious dishes but she also frankly discusses her personal connection to food and how it has developed over the years. Lady O reminds us that starvation is as bad as binge eating and does not disappoint with good comfort or snacky food. Crab Cakes are a popular dish that you will certainly make for a dinner party.