You May Not Have Thought About Drinking Vinegar Before, but Now It's Becoming Popular

Published on November 29, 2021

You might not have yet known that drinking vinegar is a thing or even why it is a thing. Don’t worry, we got your back on this one. Drinking a tiny daily amount of straight-up cider vinegar has become more popular in the past three years after blogs like Goop have been promoting it as a cure-all for detoxification which results in weight loss. The scientific explanation about this is very strange, but it created a new category of drinks, and many businesses jumped in. 

Apple vinegar is unpleasant to drink for most people – your throat will burn like crazy! So many different companies are sweetening it to make it more palatable with maple syrup or water — such as BluePrint Organic, making a variant of the drink that tastes like blueberry hibiscus, or even Crafted, which has rendered it a sparkling fruit soda. 

But several companies this year tend to move towards the burning sensation of the traditional recipe: the well-named Fire Brew, based in Portland, Oregon, has a range of' health tonics, each designed to optimize some area of personal well-being, such as immunity or strength. It has a couple of different flavors to choose from, including beet, citrus, and chai. 

There is also a drink that contains garlic, ginger, onions, horseradish, habanero, turmeric, and citrus, as well as some sweet mixture of spices and comes under the brand name Fire Cider.   

Red Root & Co. named their drink the Fire Tonic. It is made out of vinegar and honey.