The Healthiest Beans You Can Eat

Published on July 21, 2021

For vegans, beans are the go-to vegetable for protein (which is crucial to your body’s wellbeing). However, the benefits don’t apply to vegans alone, even meat-eaters can benefit from the rich nutrition present in beans. Below is a list of the most nutritious beans to include in your diet.

Garbanzo Beans

More commonly known as chickpeas, these are a great source of protein and can be used to make hummus, a classic Middle Eastern dish. They can also be used to replace meat dishes.

Lima Beans

Lima beans have high fiber levels. Taste-wise, they offer a buttery flavor, which has given them the nickname ‘butter beans.’ The high carb content makes lima beans an excellent pre-workout meal. 

Navy Beans

Wonder why they are called so? Navy beans were once a key component in the diet of the US Navy. They have high levels of folates, a special B Vitamin that is essential for the creation of red and white blood cells.