J-Lo's Strange Coffee Drinking Tip

Published on July 7, 2021

Jennifer Lopez is a threefold threat who sings, dances, and acts while being Hollywood's largest superstar. She is also a businesswoman, with personal accessories, fragrances, and skincare. López is a loving mother to her daughters, Max and Emme, besides all her work duties. It may seem like Lopez is doing everything naturally, but she is working hard to achieve it. López is committed to a specific diet and workout regimen to stay fit and healthy–and her diet involves several unusual tweaks.

Jennifer Lopez remains hydrated with plenty of water as a component of her healthier dietary routine. She never drinks coffee and alcohol. However, she orders a coffee instead of a tea or an energy drink when she feels that she needs to have a caffeinated drink. In fact, Lopez is said to be taking her coffee in a very particular manner. Lopez wants her coffee beverages to be stirred in the opposite direction of the clock, according to a report from Delish.

Most people around the world stir their beverage clockwise. There's no explanation why Lopez needs her coffee to be stirred counter-clockwise, but taking into account that she has notoriety as a diva, it isn't so incredibly unbelievable.