The One Salad Trick You Should Know

Published on July 9, 2021

Whether it is a salad or a pot roast, garlic is always a great addition. However, it is very difficult to draw the line between enough garlic and too much garlic. Add too much and your whole plate tastes garlicky. You should aim for a hint of garlic, not a bowl that is too overwhelming. The best trick to achieve this effect is to rub peeled garlic on the inside of the salad bowl! This little trick is courtesy of "Cook Something" by Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer.

You can show this new trick off in a range of situations. For example, when making a salad where garlic is a necessary ingredient, you need to tone it down or if the garlic is not needed, you can use this to turn things up a notch. This neat trick could be used when making a cucumber salad or pasta bowl too. The opportunities are endless here. Simply quit using garlic in the dressing and use it on the bowl. Once the garlic clove has been used, pop it back in the refrigerator but be sure to wrap it or keep it in an airtight container until you can use it for another dish.