These are the Weirdest, but Tastiest, Bottled Waters That Money Can Buy

Published on September 16, 2021

Are you still drinking coconut water? What year is this? Last year it was birch water. Don't even mention aloe water to me. We need to dip in new waters. Let’s see what we can find. 

There's Bee Water, sweetened honey water that is full of "natural energy" and is flavored with cinnamon & blueberry. 

The maple water, which has its motto for the jugular, comes from Sap on Tap: “Out with coconut water. In with maple tree water.” Yerba mate appears in one of their waters and enhances your body with natural caffeine. 

The above-mentioned GoLive is a "living probiotic water" and interactive: press a bay on the top and release the living probiotics into the water. 

But wait, if you thought that was the worst, you haven’t heard of organic water. Did you drink non-organic water your entire life? Did you actually know what you were missing? An Asarasi company produces splendid water harvested from maple sap as a byproduct and has obtained USDA organic label because it is diluted through the trees. Your regular water does not have the organic label. 

We saved the best for last. A company from Israel named O. Vine makes wine grape water that makes me really remember Jesus. It is sparkling water made out of grape skins which adds its light wine flavor. It's not wine, I'm sorry to inform you. Speaking of wine – it is probably the best grape tasting water out there. We’ll stick to it.