Taylor Swift's Favorite Foods

Published on September 15, 2021

Swifty might be one of the world's greatest female stars but she constantly reminds us how normal she is. Her insta pics with her girl squad, playing with her cat and snapping great shots on tour, all make her even more likable. It's no wonder that she has such success. So, what does Taylor like to eat on an average day? She likes to stay pretty healthy as she needs her energy for recording and playing live, so she tries to choose a diet that supports her lifestyle, but there's always room for a treat or two. Here's what Swifty likes to eat.


Taylor says that she always has fresh hummus in her fridge. She picks it up locally and snacks on it with cucumbers and carrot sticks.


A refreshing shot of juice in the morning gets Taylor going for the day. She has it freshly squeezed and loves the citrusy boost it gives.

Chicken Tenders

Although she's not a Southern girl, she has picked up a taste for fried chicken. The crunch along with the tender centre makes this is a hit food for Swift. She can often be seen picking it up when on tour in different cities.

Homemade Baked Goods

When at home, Taylor likes to get baking in her kitchen. Imagine all the delicious smells...she particularly likes cookies and cookie dough.


Guess what she has with her cookies? A hot coffee. It also is great for those long nights of songwriting when she needs that extra boost of caffeine.

Chicken and Dumplings

Whenever Taylor stops by Nashville, she gets her fix of chicken and dumplings. It's a hearty choice and keeps her going for a big night on stage.