Easy Trick to Make Your Cupcakes the Next Big Thing

Published on August 1, 2021

You do know what we're thinking, which is: never purchase those again if you have ever caught yourself eye to eye with an incredibly huge cupcake liner showcase. We 're in favor of the easy look by Joanna Gaines and you're going to find it with humble parchment. 

The magnificence you see is called a cupcake tulip liner. See how the dots hang like the flower petals across the cupcake? They were first popular because of demand. You will find simple guides that show you the fold on YouTube as well as Pinterest. But you'll make a beeline to Amazon if you're not beyond a super-easy and ultra-inexpensive work. A pack of 150 tulip wax paper liners is available for $11, pre-folded. 

One thing you have to remember is that you will not get a top muffin to feel with this sort of liner. They go beyond the usual cupcake liners and therefore do not showcase such a spillage. You, therefore, pay a small price for an elegant look. But, before plunging into the next baking attempt, you should at least know about it.